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Problem Solving Together

About My Practice

Margaret Kennedy, Psy.D.


Private Practice since 1990

NYS Licensed Psychologist

Certified School Psychologist

Doctorate in Professional Psychology from Rutgers University

Post Doctoral training in Family Therapy 

     from University of Rochester

Intermediate level Spanish Proficiency

Services provided


  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Parent counseling
  • Psychological and educational evaluations
  • School Consultation

Areas of Specialty


Anxiety and depression

Behavioral Issues

Attention and Learning Problems

Sleeping or Eating Disturbances

Loss and Transitions

Clients under age 21


Treatment Approaches

Family Therapy


Family therapy can sometimes provide a more efficient and effective way to address presenting problems.  As family members work together they focus on developing better communication and  problem-solving skills that can benefit the family beyond the therapy sessions.  Children and adolescents often feel more motivated and engaged in treatment when they have the support and involvement of other family members.  

Cognitive Behavior Therapy - CBT


CBT is often helpful with clients who are anxious, depressed, or having problems with social difficulties, changes, or stress.  CBT restructures negative thoughts into more positive, effective ways of thinking.  It also includes learning emotion regulation and behavior management strategies,  communication skills and practicing effective coping tools.  Behavior therapy involves developing  plans with children, parents, and sometimes school staff that target specific goals or skills to learn with logical consequences or rewards given as progress is shown toward these skills.  

Mindfulness and Relaxation Skills


These techniques aim to teach coping and self calming tools such as progressive muscle relaxation, slow focused breathing, greater mindfulness, and use of positive imagery.


Insurances Accepted?

  • Most insurance plans are accepted.   Mention your particular plan when you call about an appointment.
  • Check with your insurance provider regarding mental health coverage, co-pays, and limitations.  

How Should I Prepare for the First Visit?

  • Inform children and teens about the purpose of seeking therapy, what to expect, and that we will be working to solve these problems together.
  • Speak to other caregivers and teachers and gather information that would be important to share with me.  
  • Bring your list of questions and observations regarding your concerns as well as copies of any relevant records.
  • Discuss these concerns with your child’s doctor to obtain their perspective and perhaps to rule out any medical conditions that could be having an impact on your child’s mental health.

What Happens in Therapy?

I coach clients to better understand their strengths, identify specific goals, and develop the skills to achieve them.  A portion of each session may be spent with the child  or teen alone, with the parents alone, and/or with the family together depending on the needs and goals of treatment.  Confidentiality, expectations, and treatment plans will be discussed within the first few sessions to ensure the therapy will be a good fit for your situation.  Since therapy is a collaborative process, I welcome your questions and feedback throughout treatment.  

Recommended Resources

  • ADDitudemag.com
  • Anxieties.com
  • AutismUp.org
  • Ahaparenting.com
  • bpchildren.com
  • Greatergood.berkeley.edu
  • HeySigmund.com
  • Psychcentral.com

Contact Info

Please contact me or my office manager, 

Mary Beth,  with questions or to make an appointment.

Margaret P. Kennedy, Psy.D.

324 W. North St., Suite 4, Geneva, NY 14456, us

Phone: (315) 781-6617 FAX: (315) 781-5457 Email: mpkennedy@fltg.net

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